California Drought Facts

California has on-again, off-again droughts. Artificial turf is better to have around compared to normal grass. California may be turning into a desert after all. California homeowners require drought resistant landscaping instead of a lawn these days. Last summer, was about 90-degree heat on a regular basis. Artificial grass landscaping spares the land of having to use grass. Synthetic Grass Warehouse is something that stocks the latest artificial turf in the nation. All synthetic grass products look, and even feel as though they are real grass. Artificial grass is low maintenance.

Artificial grass requires no watering or mowing for that matter. It would seem that artificial grass has become trendy in the age of environmental degradation from global warming changing weather patterns as part of a cyclic change. Artificial lawns can have many applications such as being landscape turf, pet system, playground systems, and more. Synthetic Grass Warehouse has developed Tiger Cool, a brand of yarn engineered with heat reflective color pigments and advanced U.V. inhibitors capable of reducing surface temperatures. Turf temperatures are reduced to 15% and even up to 10 degrees.

The beginning of the process to install artificial grass involves removing all existing materials, such as soil, weeds, grass, or any substance above ground, period, including but not limited to electrical wiring. Relocating sprinklers may become necessary. Artificial grass is useful because the grass does not require water. This is why homeowners should look into drought-resistant landscaping. A drought is defined as a period of drier-than-normal conditions. There are three kinds of drought: drought caused by no rain, drought caused by lack of social moisture, and reduced groundwater levels.

Artificial grass is certified lead free because drought-resistant landscaping can help a property owner not have to water as much. Products look real and are also safe to touch. Drought makes river water flows decline as there is limited rainwater coming in. Products can withstand foot traffic and are tolerant of all weather conditions. Our products are safe to the touch. Each blade is perfect, as the tuft binding process is intensive. All of our products are also certified lead-free. There are even products that come in blue such as Caribbean blue. Our products are guaranteed to last as long as we can possibly say they should. Artificial grass can help you reduce time spent on lawn-care.