You are probably looking for an online casino you can trust? Then look no further. Roxy Palace provides everything you're looking for from a wide choice of online casino games to efficient, 24/7 customer service to fast online payments. The intuitive Management Team knows that these are the key elements that make an online casino truly special and they spare no effort and expense in order to provide you with a secure, fair, and friendly online entertainment environment that will help you live your best online casino experience ever. And, of course, a sweet bonus deal won't hurt either, so they've thrown in a 100 Bonus as an added treat!

Roxy Palace is a long-standing member of the online gaming community and a great casino to use if you want to learn to play Blackjack. If you already have the hang of the game, then you can register a Real Account to play and win real cash. Roxy also offers a Suggested Strategy Guide and their Blackjack games provide a virtual reality sensation, with audio and image technology that offers the look and feel of a land-based casino. You can enjoy an array of over 40 Blackjack games including Bonus and Classic Blackjack, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City, European and Spanish variations and more as well as the lesser known Pontoon, with both Single and Multi-Hand versions of each game. It doesn't get any better than Roxy Palace but how could it when the incomparable Microgaming powers its software!

Roxy Palace

We already looked at the wide array of Blackjack game offerings at Roxy Palace. Now, let's look at the rules. Despite the game variations, the object of Blackjack is always consistent - you, the Player, must try to beat the Dealer's hand by getting as close to 21 as possible or hitting a Blackjack. Any total over 21 is considered a "Bust" and you lose.

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The "Hit" button is used when you need a new card. Once you are satisfied with the cards you are holding, youshould click "Stand". The Dealer must have cards totalling 17 or more. The winner is the one holding 21 or the closest hand to 21. If your card value is greater than the Dealer's or if the Dealer busts then you are the winner! However, if your card total is the same as the Dealer's, it is considered a "push" and you keep your bet. The cards are re-shuffled for each game round.

In some game variations, like Bonus Blackjack, only 2 decks of cards are used, you are allowed to Split, to Double after a Split, and to resplit twice. The Dealer must Hit a Soft 17, you cannot Surrender, and you can Double on any 2 cards. In other variations like Classic Blackjack and Classic Blackjack Gold, only 1 deck of cards is used, you can Split, but you cannot double after a Split nor can you resplit. Surrender is not involved. The Dealer must stand on all 17s whether Soft or Hard, and you can Double on 9s, 10s, or 11s. You can also find games that are played with 8 decks, namely Atlantic City Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Pontoon, Spanish Blackjack, and the Multi-Hand and Gold series to these games.

That's Not All Folks...

Roxy Palace gives you other games options if you want to take a break from your usual Blackjack game. Enjoy Progressive Slots, Progressive Video Poker, other Progressives like Triple 7s Blackjack, Progressive Cyberstud Poker, Roulette Royale, and Poker Ride; Table games including Casino War, Roulette, Vegas Craps, Sic Bo, Poker Pursuit, and Keno to name a few. No matter what game you play, you will earn Club Points with every wager you make and these points can be redeemed into Casino cash at any time. All members are rewarded, but only TOP wagering members receive Bonus Points. Every time you wager 10 credits or more, you earn 1 point. Points may be exchanged in increments of 1,000 with each 1,000 points being equivalent to 10 credits. Slots, Keno, and American Roulette contribute 100% to the wagering requirement. Table Poker, Casino War, SicBo, and all Roulette (EXCEPT American Roulette) contribute 50%. Blackjack (except the Classic version), Baccarat, and Video Poker contribute 10% to the wagering requirement while Classic Blackjack contributes 2%. When you register a Play for Real account, you receive Member Status, starting with "Member" and moving up to "Silver", "Gold", and "Platinum". 10% Bonus Points are awarded to Gold Members and 25% Bonus Points to Platinum Members as an additional benefit. To qualify for a certain Member status, you must earn a specific number of Points in the previous month. Roxy's ongoing Promotional offers keep you intrigued each month and the lure of the increasing jackpot tickers and Latest Winners updates make you want to step inside and experience the thrill of online entertainment at Roxy Palace.

Roxy Palace is so diverse that they have translated their site into 11 languages - Dansk, Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Nederlands, Norsk, Portuguese, Suomi. To register an account, you must be 18 years or older and your account can be funded in Swiss Francs, Euros or British pounds using a variety of payment methods including Credit and Debit Cards as well as a number of online wallets and more.

The Help section on the website and within your account provide comprehensive information, but should any questions arise that are not located in either of these sections, you can feel free to email or phone Customer Support directly.

What are you waiting for? Register now at Roxy Palace Casino and receive your Free 100% Match Deposit Bonus up to 100 today!


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Blackjack Risk Manager 2002 (BJRM) is an easy-to-use "utility" program that instantly performs several complicated blackjack risk-related statistical calculations, providing you with the facts you need to manage your total blackjack risk. NOTE: The BJRM Software is intended for use at land-based casinos only.

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